Chinese coral poaching -> Chinese people speak up

There are now not 1-2 vessels in the area .. there are HUNDREDS!

Chinese people ... what would YOU say / do, if a large gang of dirty robbers bashes in your front door, destroys everything in its paths, steals / kills all of your nations valuable pandas and as a replacement leaves tons of garbarge in a natural reserve that has been designated world heritage???

Speak up ... WHAT exactly is it that justifies this kind of Chinese behavior?

Those hundreds of pirate vessels operate within sight from the shore!!!
By national and international laws, common sense etc. they cannot have ANY right be there.

Basically I am a pacifist.
But those Chinese pirates, that appear to be even (Chinese) GOVERNMENT SUPPORTED !!!, really piss me off!

Every last one of those pirate ships should be sunk!!!
Since I am not a killer like those Chinese ... maybe give them a few rubber boats so they can swim
back to the dirty shores they came from.

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