The "smart phone vision"

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The visual perception - Photography Course - Lesson 17 (Photo credit: Marco Crupi Visual Artist)
I am sure Steve Jobs (Apple co-founder) had his particular "vision" when he contributed to the design / production of the smart phone. And one thing seems to be sure: his vision has changed the "vision" of the world as we know it.
Unfortunately - in my opinion - not for the better.

Nowadays ***EVERYBODY*** seems to be clutching one of those devices, regardless of whether they are Apple products or not. People standing, sitting, walking, riding the train, having lunch, or - this is my favorite! - a man peeing in a public toilet  ..... just about ***EVERYBODY*** is starring at those pathetically small screens, voluntarily (???) limiting their respective "vision" to a distance of 30 cm. Thereby they may be "loosing sight" of people standing 1 m away.
People walk around town while staring at this 30 cm-distance and if other people are not careful, they will be literally "run over" by the effects of this wonderful technical innnovation.

Vision =>
* [uncountable] the ability to think about and plan for the future, using intelligence and imagination, especially in politics and business
* [countable] someone’s idea or hope of how something should be done, or how it will be in the future (e.g., a vision of a utopian society without money)
* [uncountable] the ability to see

The "vision" behind these products seems to obstruct the vision of the masses. Literally in the sense of "ability to see" (beyond the screen) and maybe less obviously but still with little disguise "the ability to think about and plan for the future".

It appears, that this thing does not limit its malicious attack on human freedom to vision alone, but it seems to offer a music player too, so that people stuff their ears with strange little things they call "ear phones", thereby effectively disabling a very sensitive telemetry system supposed to detect intelligence about far away, probably invisible things/events.

If you now add "not speaking" to the "not seeing" and "not hearing" features, you end up with the "three wise monkeys" ...


In an extended interpretation: don’t look at what is going on, don’t listen at what is going on and do not talk (back) about what is going on …

The profile of the perfect citizen of any society – with the exception of Utopia maybe -

Was that maybe the original intent?

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