Chinese quality - again

This morning there was an article in our Japanese newspaper (see clip; I am aware that not everybody can read the Japanese; sorry).
It says there, that the famous London taxis face a major crisis - the details and background elude me - due to the poor quality of parts manufactured in China.
This can also be found here:
"The company said it was no longer a going concern on Monday after it failed to secure funding from Geely, the Chinese carmaker that owns 20 per cent. This came after the company suspended sales because of a recall of 400 cabs due to problems linked to a Chinese-built component in their steering boxes."
"The steering fault is related to a new component sourced from a new Chinese supplier and installed from earlier this year. The firm says it will seek compensation from the supplier."

Well, China is frequently being called the "workhorse" of Asia (or the world). But considering the fact, that either they DO NOT HAVE any decent craftsmen in that country, or if they do, those craftsmen DO NOT take pride in their work,
it seems to me that all the people opting for cheap (cheapest) Chinese products may have bet on the wrong horse!

I wrote about this before:

AND I have seen parts manufactured in China, ordered by a German manufacturer of coal mills for blast furnaces for a project in Japan (I did the interpretation work). The whole project being worth millions of dollars (!) the parts I saw = crucially important precision bolts and other (VERY expensive!) parts, were thrown thoughtlessly, without any protection into a torn card box.
The calling card of "Made in China".

I think the time is long overdue that people realize: "cheap is NOT best" and "Chinese quality" is definetely not something you can rely on!
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Chinese maturity test .... continues

Remember my previous notes about the topic:

There I wrote:
But, there is this new wonder slogan:
meaning literally: as long as it is a patriot act, there will be no charges!
Yesterday: drunken boat drivers and toppled cars.
Today: destruction of supermarkets and factories.
Tomorrow: ... let's kill a few people. Its patriotic and therefore no problem!

Well, it is happening already ...
Thursday, Sep. 20, 2012
Suspect arrested in assault on Japanese couple in Hong Kong

I have not followed this, but maybe the man "arrested" has by now been declared a national hero. And since action was most likely a "patriotic act", there will be no charges.

This has been seen before:
the Indians
the Black
the Jews

are not worthy living, subhuman creatures ...
(in modern China they have their variety with different ethnic groups,
not pure blooded Chinese
"mud blood" -> muggle born (see Harry Potter)
or the Arier, pure blooded "Germans" (see Hitler)

The newest fashion: banning or maybe even destroying books
does not show any more maturity.
It's the  behavior of the unruly kids in Kindergarten

The "burning of books" has throughout history NEVER done any good to anybody

"The Qin Dynasty also introduced several reforms: currency, weights and measures were standardized, and a better system of writing was established. An attempt to purge all traces of the old dynasties led to the infamous burning of books and burying of scholars incident, ..."

The "strength of the Chinese is not their maturity, intellectual achievements, refinement, "historical facts" or the like ..... it is simply their number, which allows them to overrun everything/everybody else.
Remember the locusts I mentioned in my previous post?

And as I also said before, the world need to think this through a little!
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