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English: Mao's official portrait at Tiananmen ...
English: Mao's official portrait at Tiananmen gate 中文: 天安门上的毛泽东官方画像 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Personally I doubt that the recently displayed behavior of the Chinese people could meet ANY standards for maturity; such as one might want to expect from a place that is today a "global power" ...
Well, I said it before: I don't know much (nothing) about politics.
Therefore, I should probably just shut up, the behavior of our friendly neighbor China really calls for some comments.
One of the triggers of the currently ongoing "anti-Japanese" protests is the quarrel about the Senkaku Islands:
"The collective use of the name "Senkaku" to denote the entire group began with the advent of the controversy in the 1970s."
"The Japanese central government formally annexed the islands on 14 January 1895."
"The islands came under US government occupation in 1945 after the surrender of Japan ended World War II.[17] In 1969, the United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East (ECAFE) identified potential oil and gas reserves in the vicinity of the Senkaku Islands.[20] In 1971, the Okinawa Reversion Treaty passed the U.S. Senate, returning the islands to Japanese control in 1972.[21] Also in 1972, the Taiwanese and Chinese governments officially began to declare ownership of the islands.[22]"
So --> The Chinese started to show an interest in this piece of "holy motherland" AFTER oil and gas reserves were found. Isn't that interesting.
How Chinese.
Can they (the Chinese) produce any evidence - and one of those fake documents produced just for this purpose - that they were just in love with these pieces of rock since ancient times and therefore have now the "God given right" to destroy everything Japanese in their path?
I would encourage everybody in the global community to make their own judgement.
The Chinese also "NEED" this islands and the waters around them for fishing.
Naturally, since they have fished their own waters virtually dry, leaving a marine wasteland.
Now they have to move on to exploit other places.
Sounds like the locust plague to me.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Locust)
Billions of locust (Chinese) swarm all over the place and devour everything ...
"The Meiji government incorporated the Senkaku Islands into Okinawa Prefecture in 1895 after it had confirmed that the islands were not under the control of the Qing Dynasty"
"The intrusion occurred on 10 November, Japanese time (UTC+9). The submarine was quickly spotted by Japan's Self-Defence Forces and was tracked by helicopter as it wandered in Japanese waters for two hours before moving north-west. International law requires a tracked submarine to surface and identify its nationality in times of peace; the submarine did not do so."
English: Aerial Photo of Kitakojima and Minami...
English: Aerial Photo of Kitakojima and Minamikojima of Senkaku Islands, Ishigaki City, Okinawa, Japan, 1978. 日本語: 北小島・南小島(尖閣諸島):沖縄県石垣市、東シナ海 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
BUT ... what would happen, if this were the other way round: a Japanese (or other) submarine entering Chinese waters ...???
Just imagine all the canons fires ...
Again, this probably "only natural" for the Chinese.
After all, their great leader put it so eloquently
* 枪杆子里面出政权
* "Every Communist must grasp the truth: Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun."
And since China means literally "central country", the Chinese most obviously assume, that they are the center of the world and have both the right and obligation to take and do as they see fit.
This finds another wonderful expression.
Remember the drunk boat driver who rammed a Japanese coat guard boat and was later declared a hero?
Or the lunatics from Hongkong jumping onto the above mentioned Islands, who were after their deportation to Hongkong shown on TV celebrating and drining champaign?
Those people that attacked a Japanese embassy car?
And todays news: anti-Japanese demonstrations going wild, destroying lots of Japanese properties. Like supermarkets. Only the customers there were Chinese ...
But, there is this new wonder slogan:
meaning literally: as long as it is a patriot act, there will be no charges!
The legacy of Mao Zedong in its purest form!
Yesterday: drunken boat drivers and toppled cars.
Today: destruction of supermarkets and factories.
Tomorrow: ... let's kill a few people. Its patriotic and therefore no problem!
Think this through yourself. The picture should not be so difficult to see ...
< The reasons that pundits give for Beijing’s bellicosity range from its appetite for the natural resources of the South China Sea to its desire to look tough amid an uncertain leadership transition and to stir some nationalist fervor at home (witness the violent anti-Japanese protests on the mainland during the weekend) to its irritation at what it thinks is Washington’s interference in its backyard. At a regional conference two years ago, in remarks now often cited as a sign of China’s unilateral ambitions in the South China Sea, Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi infamously declared the body of water to be a “core national interest,” adding: “China is a big country and other countries are small countries, and that is just a fact.”>
Well, that naturally leads straight to those locusts mentioned above.
In light of these cute tendencies, please reconsider when China claims to "preserve natural resources, maintain peace and contribute to the development of the world at large.
How can a country that is basically ego-centric, as the country's name itself implies, ever have such altruistic fits ...???
I could go on forever and actually published my personal opinions here before, but ... I don't know nothing ...
(in English)
(this one is in Japanese)
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