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Good afternoon
I believe I was about 2 years ago so bold as to promote one of my own little "books" here. This is less a "book", much less any sort of text book, than an outline of my personal views on acupuncture "the Japanese way" as opposed to the so-called "authentic" Chinese style. Personally I am firmly convinced that MOST people (individuals and nations!) would benefit from the softer Japanese style much more than the Chinese way of doing acupuncture. (I would not volunteer to receive a Chinese style treatment)
In the end, everybody has to form her/his own opinion about this. (an Australian person studying Japanese acupuncture in Japan found this text very helpful)
I just took the liberty of summarizing MY views of the topic, along with some reference material and quite a number of pictures. Maybe those pictures could help YOU to make your own picture of the situation. If there are any questions I am capable of answering .. I will do my best.
The book is available via Smashwords.com in a whole array of formats and via Amazon as Kindle format.

"Acupuncture: The easy way - or the hard way"

Unfortunately, this and the other ebooks are "not selling". That is why I choose to make them available for "free". Free means, you can download and read them, but I would be eternally grateful, if you could spare a tiny "donation" AFTER reading them. In the style of "shareware" items. The ebook is commercially available for about 5 USD. So, a "donation" of let's say 3 USD would be great. The send small amounts like that, I think PayPal should be suitable: my PayPal account is: thomas@s7.dion.ne.jp

Thank you.

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