"International Standard of TCM"

I have heard rumors of these things in the past, but the reality of the situation really sunk in last Sunday during an academic meeting here.

Apparently, the Chinese are pushing(!) towards a so-called "standardization" of TCM and trying also to obtain relevant ISO certificates.
If they succeed with the current proposal(s) - actually there is already a "WHO International Standard Terminologies on Traditional Medicine in the Western Pacific Region" - they will achieve intellectual world domination in this field (their apparent goal; and with the help of a legally binding ISO also a VERY big business) and make everything non-Chinese impossible or heretic. Leaving the world with just one color, one flavor, one style, one way of thinking ...

For me, that would be unacceptable.
Even if I joined a discussion in a different thread about the absence of a "specific Japanese acupuncture" and the present instead of a wondrous variety of styles, I do prefer the availability of many choices (freedom) AND the prospect for the development of still further varieties.

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